Emergency Smile

ES travels to places of crises to support the people in re-connecting with emotions, experiencing moments of lightness and re-gaining hope for the future.
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What we do

Emergency Smile (ES) is a program implemented by Red Noses International (RNI) in different crisis settings that aims to enable joy and promote the emotional well-being and resilience of children and youth affected by crisis and their support systems. 

The main intervention of the ES Programme is the ES Missions. In a mission a transnational group of specially trained Clown Artists, together with a Head of Mission; develop a holistic intervention in a crisis setting in a period of 3 to 4 weeks by applying a portfolio of artistic formats, to reach audiences in different ways.

People affected by crisis require special care. Too often, these people receive the immediate aid to survive, but frequently their emotional and mental well-being is overlooked.

We help people reconnect with joyful emotions in order to rekindle hope, transform their focus by concentrating on positive aspects of life, and show them that life still has happiness in store for them. 

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Years of experience
Years of experience
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Countries of operation
Team members
Team members
Chiara Manavella
Emergency Smile Manager
T: +4313180313 – 56